Connections Program

One of the most valuable aspects of membership in the Chief Executive Network is the ability to quickly tap into the knowledge base of our entire network with the Connections Program.

If you have an important issue that needs immediate information or a better perspective on (and cannot or do not want to wait until the next meeting), this program allows you to anonymously pose questions electronically to selected members who have answers to the key business issues you are facing.

Response Time

The typical response time of our membership is 24-72 hours (usually much less depending on the nature of your business issue). Our staff will provide you with updates as they receive responses.

Examples of Business Issues

Below are some business issues our members recently submitted and were solved using this program:

International Expansion Overseas: Considering possible international expansion overseas and would like to know the pro’s and con’s of doing this.
Business Conditions: Would like to get a “pulse” on the business conditions within the network.
Software Development Processes and Certification: Seeking feedback on software development processes and certification.
Software Reimbursables: Are any firms billing software (AutoCAD, Revit, SpecLink, etc.) to clients as reimbursables.
Long Range Strategic Plan: Referrals for a consultant to facilitate a long range strategic plan.
Manufacturing Plant Layout: Recommendations of a firm that does manufacturing plant layout work.
Outside Board of Directors Fees: What companies are paying in annual director fees for outside BoD.
Sales Reps vs. Internal Sales Employees: How to better exploit sales opportunities and if others have had more success with sales reps vs. internal sales employees.
Recruitment Firms: Experiences in using recruitment firms for executive level positions.
Social Media Usage: How other firms are using social media.

Member Testimonials

"The written responses I received were insightful and I am following up with phone calls to obtain additional feedback. I would recommend using Connections to anyone who needs support with an issue. Someone has dealt with it before and can share their experiences and knowledge with you so you don't make the same mistakes."
- Jim Carnall, Command Medical Products

"As always with Connections - you can always ask any question and you have the people at your finger tips that have all the right answers. More than that they have done it - made the mistakes and are ready to share the facts."
- Andrew Warrington, United Conveyor Corporation

"First time I've used the Connections program, and I was impressed. Rather simple to use, allowed for emotionless responses that were short and to the point. A nice amount of input. I'm glad I solicited the question and appreciated the data received."
- Michael Stoehr, Milwaukee Electronics

"Although one can always Google whatever topic they need information about, I find that the responses and recommendations I get from fellow members to be more on point and quite frankly, I trust them more."
- Paul Lantz, A. Rifkin Company

"CEN is a great resource on so many levels, but being able to survey the group on basic corporate policies alone is worth the cost of membership."
- David Cobb, MMI Outdoor

"I was very impressed by the quality of info provided by my peers. Also, they were very responsive and showed a genuine desire to help. I hope I can return the favor sometime. This is a very good program!"
- Ron Hegyesi, VEGA Americas

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