CEN healthcare members share their real-world experiences, best practices--and pitfalls to avoid. So instead of wasted time explaining healthcare concepts and theories, CEN members use their time gaining practical wisdom on the realities of implementing quality initiatives, organizational efforts like adapting new technologies and strategy within digital healthcare marketing, improving patient access and increasing revenue without adding physicians, and more.

As a healthcare CEO, this means that every CEN interaction provides specific, actionable answers. Whether looking for solutions to recruit technical talent, managing new healthcare reform, key actions that can maximize profitability, executive dashboard best practices or pricing strategies, CEN provides uncommon wisdom combined with real-world experience. The robust membership base within healthcare provides every CEO with solutions that are highly specific and relevant.

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Recent discussion topics include:

  1. Health Care Reform
  2. Managing Customer Care
  3. Driving Quality Initiatives
  4. Attracting and Retaining Good Technical Talent
  5. How Low-Code Platforms are Driving Digital Transformation in Value-Based Healthcare
  6. Effectively Managing Raw Material Price Increases

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January 23 - 24, 2020 - Atlanta, GA

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