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Running a construction firm places you in a distinct group of leaders. While many CEOs find value in peer interactions, there's a unique dynamic when leaders of similarly scaled construction companies exchange insights. There is a shorthand among such leaders, comprised of shared experiences, predictable challenges and, more often than not, hard-won solutions.

CEN (a division of Chief Executive magazine's parent company) established this network to offer leaders of construction firms access to unbiased advice, fresh ideas, and support on pressing strategic, organizational, board, and personal leadership challenges.

It's noteworthy that CEN members average 30% higher profit margins and more than 2x the growth rate of their industry peers. With CEN, you'll refine your strategic, operational, and leadership techniques, ensuring your priorities are aligned for maximum impact.

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Here is a sample of topics members will discuss at upcoming meetings:
  • Financial Strategies for Success
  • Mastering Effective Contract Negotiations
  • Self Perform from General Contractor
  • AI's Practical Application Impact on General Contractors
  • Innovative Team Building

Upcoming Meetings
  • April 4-5, 2024 | Orlando, FL
  • September 26-27, 2024 | Dallas, TX
  • Alternative dates & locations are available upon request

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What our members think about Chief Executive Network:

  • "A very good reminder that the network is broad and is accessible even between meetings."

    Charlie Bolyard

  • "Energetic, productive, and fun."

    Scott Boos
    Scope Construction Company, Inc.

Proven ROI: Member Case StudY


Charlie Bolyard


(MBP is a 50MM Construction management, engineering analysis of construction and disputes resolution provider).

  • What impact has CEN had on your company from a financial perspective?

    I joined CEN based on the encouragement of one of my partners who was ten-years my senior.  The opportunity for me to not only follow, but to have the opportunity to lead by example and to introduce other members of our firm to CEN has supported our growth over the past 17 years, as we have tripled the number of team members (now at approximately 300) and more than doubled our annual revenues.  2019 was our thirtieth year and was our most robust all-around performance to date.

  • What impact has CEN had on your own personal executive development?

    For me, the greatest benefit by far from participation in CEN has been the Ex-officio Board discussions.  The Ex-officio Board has provided the opportunity to stand above the day-to-day operations, receive unbiased input, and allowed me to focus on strategic actions/decisions at the C-suite level that have provided positive returns many times over on our investment in the human capital that is foundation of our consulting business.  As I have offered on many occasions, the ability to reach out to CEN leadership and my fellow participants, outside of the regularly scheduled meetings, with the response always being “Yes, we can help.”, has proven time and time again to be an invaluable resource.
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