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Running an electrical, mechanical, or other subcontracting company puts you in a distinct group of leaders. While many CEOs find value in peer interactions, there's a unique dynamic when leaders of similarly scaled subcontracting firms exchange insights. There is a shorthand among such leaders, comprised of shared experiences, predictable challenges and, more often than not, hard-won solutions.

CEN (a division of Chief Executive magazine's parent company) established this network to offer leaders of subcontracting companies access to unbiased advice, fresh ideas, and support on pressing strategic, organizational, board, and personal leadership challenges.

It's noteworthy that CEN members average 30% higher profit margins and more than 2x the growth rate of their industry peers. With CEN, you'll refine your strategic, operational, and leadership techniques, ensuring your priorities are aligned for maximum impact.

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Here is a sample of topics members will discuss at upcoming meetings:
  • ERP Systems for Small Contractors
  • Capital Account Management for Maximum Growth
  • Succession Planning/Economic Outlook
  • Follow-up on AI and New Software

Upcoming Meetings
  • April 4-5, 2024 | Orlando, FL
  • September 26-27, 2024 | Dallas, TX
  • Alternative dates & locations are available upon request

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  • "A very good reminder that the network is broad and is accessible even between meetings."

    Charlie Bolyard

  • "Energetic, productive, and fun."

    Scott Boos
    Scope Construction Company, Inc.

Proven ROI: Member Case StudY


Jim Comalli

Owner, Comalli Group Inc.

(Comalli Group Inc. is a 25MM Turnkey electrical contractor, specializing in all phases of construction projects, technology systems, and design-build services for multi-million-dollar commercial and industrial centers).

CEN has been intricate in helping the Comalli Group take a step back and evaluate where we are and where we want to be, what challenges we may face in our journey and some great resources to navigate through them.

Since joining in 2013, CEN has aided us in rekindling that fire that dwindles when businesses reached a plateau, and has put us back on course to drive the Comalli Group from Good to Great. With over 31 years of being in business, CEN provides a level of business acumen, outside the box thinking, and Industry specific resources & contacts that are navigating similar challenges and help you focus on what may be the best solution for your business. It’s basically a board of trusties focused on specific problems and issues that help us explore different ways to problem solve. CEN and specifically our group of subcontractors has been instrumental in helping the Comalli Group refocus our company and prepare for exponential growth. This effort would have taken us much longer to achieve and the results far less, without the help of our CEN subcontractor group. 

CEN has helped change our view on business and allowed us to build a new paradigm approach to achieve great successes through interdependency and collaboration. The new framework and key takeaways with each session sends up back to our companies with more focused energized ideas to implement. 

On a personal level CEN has not only created great friendships within our group and across the network but, has provided me a better understanding of our business from a much higher level than I had before joining the network. Chief Executive Network is truly a great professional and personal resource. We are lucky to be part of CEN but then great companies surround themselves with each other. 

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