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As the top managing partner executive of an architecture or engineering firm, you face a wide range of responsibilities on a daily basis. Whatever the macro environment, it is up to you to create new opportunities and seize the initiative.

It’s not easy when the rules are constantly shifting: how do you best harness new technologies, adopt new processes to improve service delivery and reduce costs, market and sell more effectively, leverage social media to create quality leads and create a culture of accountability?

Only by meeting with the CEOs & Managing Partners of similar businesses can you get unbiased advice and expert counsel. After all, they are the only other people who stand in the same shoes.

CEN’s expertly-facilitated architecture and engineering CEO peer groups feature best practices and confidential counsel, including these recent topics:

  • The Impact of AI on Engineering Firms
  • Growth Strategies That Work
  • Recruiting Rockstar Talent
  • Strategies to Outcompete Larger Firms
  • Managing in Uncertain Economic Times

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What our members think about Chief Executive Network:

  • "I am humbled to be here and feel honored that the people here are interested in what I have to say. It has been great to discuss issues that face our businesses with people I have great respect for and feel fortunate to be in their company. It is energizing, refreshing, challenging & something I always look forward to."

    Lance Johnson
    President & Co-Owner, Peridian Group

  • "Membership in CEN means a great deal to me. There is no other place I can go where people in my profession will freely and openly discuss personal aspects of their business and be willing to share their successes and failures."

    Steve Vanderah
    President, Shoemaker & Haaland Professional Engineers

  • "Association with quality individuals and the contribution they have made to the improved management and organization of our company."

    Paul Leder
    Principal, Cowhey Gudmundson Leder, Ltd.

  • "It is a “safe harbor” to bring critical and company-controversial issues for discussion and brainstorm."

    Willy Stewart
    President & CEO, Stewart Engineering, Inc.

  • "Excellent ideas to help the company grow, great opportunity to develop relationships with peers in the industry."

    Paul VanDuyne
    President, KJWW Engineering Consultants

  • "[CEN] continues to affirm best business practices and provide new ones at every meeting. Really enjoy the interactions and sharing of ideas."

    Richard McCain
    COO, Trigon Engineering Consultants, Inc.

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“When another CEO was discussing his bank line of credit, I discovered that I was paying 75 basis points more than the lowest rates (3/4 of 1% per year). The other CEOs gave me the names of their bankers who lend to our sector and offered to make introductions. When I went back to my bank and said I was going to be leaving and why — my local bank cut my interest rate by a whole point to retain my business. This was worth over $300,000 per year — over $2 million during the life of the loan.”

Jim Pekar
Leman USA

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