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Leverage our network of over 600 Chief & Senior Executives and receive advice around critical business issues

Chief Executive Network’s Connections Program is included in your membership and available to use anytime throughout the year. This program allows you to reach out to our network of over 600 Chief & Senior Executives and receiveadvice/perspective/best practices around critical business issues. Feedback is typically received within 24 to 48 hours and sent to you along with the contact information of responders for further follow-up if needed.

Recent topics submitted:

  • Board Member Retainer Fees
  • Reducing Employee Turnover
  • Annual Employee Performance Review Best Practices
  • Workforce Development
  • CRM Comparison Inquiry

What members are saying about this program:

"As always with Connections - you can ask any question and you have the people at your fingertips that have all the right answers. More than that they have done it - made the mistakes and are ready to share the facts."

Andrew Warrington, United Conveyor Corporation

"I would recommend using Connections for anyone who needs support with an issue. Someone has dealt with it before and can share their experiences and knowledge with you so you don't make the same mistakes."

Jim Carnall, Command Medical Products

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Chief Executive Network members share insights and experience with peers who have been down the same road facing similar challenges and opportunities.

Find Your CEO Peer Network

Chief Executive Network manages national peer networks in a variety of industries and is building new local groups in key markets.
We convene peer networks for CEOs in the following industries:


Chief Executive Network is the premiere organization in the world specifically designed to give manufacturing CEOs practical take-home value.

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Chief Executive Networks (CEN) provides expert-facilitated wholesale and distribution CEO peer groups that ensure you get relevant input in the most efficient way possible.

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Chief Executive Network (CEN) members benefit from the experience and best practices of high-performing tech company peers. It’s wisdom that is simply unavailable elsewhere.

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By meeting with the CEOs and Managing Partners of non-competing engineering firms, you can get unparalleled advice, insights and value.

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Only by meeting with the CEOs & Managing Partners of similar businesses can you get unbiased advice and expert counsel – they are the only other people who stand in the same shoes.

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General Contracting

Smart construction company CEOs turn to non-competitive construction company peers in Chief Executive Network – no one better understands your issues and the tradeoffs you face than CEOs in similar situations.

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By meeting with CEOs and owners of non-competing electrical, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing and other sub-contractor businesses, you will gain valuable ideas, insights and advice to grow your business.

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CEN provides uncommon wisdom combined with real-world experience. The robust membership base within healthcare provides every CEO with solutions that are highly specific and relevant.

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For Your Top & Emerging Leaders:

In addition to CEO Networks, we also convene peer networks for
your senior executives and high potential emerging leaders:

Senior Executive Networks

Unleash the power of peer networks for senior executives.
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Next Level Leaders Program

Develop your next generation of leaders.
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